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Canvas Salesman’s Garment Bags | Blue Canvas

Manufactured in New York's garment district, our blue canvas garment bags are known for their long lasting durability and quality metal hanger-lock hardware.  Their unique patented 15" locking system clamps your garments tight without creasing or folding. This worry free clamp can be secured with seals or padlocks.  Ideal for wholesale clothing agents and warehouses to transport and protect garments during transit and storage.

Sizes and additional information can be found in the 'Overview' section below.
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CA $94.70 /each
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  • full-length superior quality metal zippers
  • zippered utility pocket
  • heavy-duty fine quality canvas
Available in the following sizes:
  • 38" for suits, jackets, shirts and outerwear
  • 48" for short coats
  • 57" for dresses and coats
  • 66" for gowns
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