Frequently Ask Questions

I'm not a retailer. Can I still buy from Eddie's?

Yes. You don't have to own a store to buy from us. Although the vast majority of our customer are North American retailers, we also have many customers who operate home-based businesses or simply buy for their personal use.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most orders leave our warehouse within one or two business days of being placed. We normally ship via Canada Post, Canpar or local courier and always with a trackable method. For orders with larger items we will use a freight company.

Approximate* transit times once an order leaves our warehouse:

    • British Columbia and Alberta- one to two business days in most cases
    • Saskatchewan - one to two business days in most cases
    • Manitoba - three business days
    • Ontario and Quebec - one to two business days in most cases
    • The Maritimes (Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia) - two business days in most cases
    • Newfoundland and Labrador - four to five business days
    • US Destinations:  varies depending upon method used.

* not guaranteed.

If you require your goods by a certain date, please let us know by leaving a comment in the space provided in the shipping section on the checkout page. You can also email us at orderdesk@eddies.com. Simply quote your order number and let us know the details. We'll contact you.

My account says that it is disabled, but I've shopped on Eddies.com before

As of Decemeber 2020, we moved to a new website. All of the old accounts that were created on the previous site have been imported to the current site. The easiest way to get back into your old account is to reset your password here. Follow the instructions in the email and you should be able to access it once more.

Are all items listed on the website in stock?

You will find most items listed on our website are in stock in our warehouses; however, please note that actual inventory levels are not transmitted to the website.  If you place an order for an item that is currently not in stock, our staff will contact you after your order is placed to advise.  Please note that if you have submitted a credit card as payment, we will not capture the amount that has been preauthorized on our website until your order is ready to ship.


If there is an item on your order which is currently not in stock, we'll let you know so that you can decide whether you'd like the order shipped complete or if you'd like us to ship the bulk of the order right away and the backordered item later. Please note: You are responsible for all shipping costs.

I am receiving an error message.  What do I do?

On rare occasions, users have reported receiving the following error message:  "There has been an error processing your request."  To correct this error, clearing "cookies" for eddies.com from the internet browser you are using should fix this error.  Please see the documentation for your browser if you are unsure how to complete this task.

My credit card has been declined, but I haven't reach my credit limit.  What's going on?

Please make sure that the billing address you are using on your online Eddie's account matches the billing address for your credit card.  This is a security setting we've implemented to help prevent online credit card fraud.  If both addresses do not match you will receive a "declined" notification.

I tried going to check out, but I'm getting a circle showing up and nothing is happening.

If you are on the Review & Payment page and pressing the Go to Checkout button, but nothing is happening, we recommend editting your Ship-To address.

Please enter the following information for your address:
1st Line - Street Number and Name, quadrant Information (NE, NW, SE, SW)
2nd Line - Unit, Suit, Apartment, or Booth Number

Avoid using special characters such as ! $ @ ( ) &
However , . and - are fine.

Additional information, such as building name, shopping centre, tradeshow name and other relevant shipping information can be entered in Delivery Instructions (under Shipping Method) during checkout on the Shipping page.