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Display Soutions For Clothing Stores

Clothing stores & boutiques require a multitude of specific displays from which pieces of clothing can be hung or displayed, all with the intent of catching the customer's eye and making the most of a store's space. Luckily Eddie's Hang-Up Display Ltd stocks every product necessary to open a clothing store from scratch. You choose a style or colour and we have the products to match. Fixtures & hardware such as slatwall or wall standards are a perfect start from which you can accessorise with shelves, outriggers and faceouts. From there you can move on to stand-alone fixtures such as cash desks, shelving units, and mannequins. Of course, let's not forget about the everyday clothing store essentials such as hangers, packaging, and cash desk supplies. All products have volume-based discounts available with fast nationwide shipping or curbside pick-up from our three showrooms in Vancouver, Edmonton & Toronto. 

Clothing & Accessory Racks

Floor standing multi-arm racks are perfect for dotting around the store floor while salesman's racks are great if you want to hang up different articles of clothing that customers can thumb through. Taking your clothing to a tradeshow or market? Our collapsible clothing racks are exactly what you need!

2 Arm & 4 Arms Racks2 Arm & 4 Arms Racks

Two-Arm & Four-Arm Racks

Rolling RacksRolling Racks

Rolling Racks

Spiral & Round RacksSpiral & Round Racks

Spiral & Round Racks

Collapsible RacksCollapsible Racks

Collapsible Racks

Accessory & Speciality RacksAccessory & Speciality Racks

Accessory & Speciality Racks

Clothing Store Supplies

How can a clothing store operate without hangers, tags, labels, shopping bags & all the other little things that often get overlooked? It's simple, it can't! Luckily, you will never find yourself in that position thanks to Eddie's extensive range of products that help your clothing store operate from day to day.

Clothing Hangers & Accessory ClipsClothing Hangers & Accessory Clips

Clothing Hangers & Accessory Clips

Garment Steamers & BagsGarment Steamers & Bags

Garment Steamers & Garment Bags

 Clothing Size Labels, Dividers & Hanger Markers Clothing Size Labels, Dividers & Hanger Markers

Clothing Size Labels, Dividers & Hanger Markers

Labels & Label GunsLabels & Label Guns

Labels & Label Guns

Tags & Tagging GunsTags & Tagging Guns

Tags & Tagging Guns



Sign Holders & HangersSign Holders & Hangers

Sign Holders & Hangers

Stanchions & Crowd ControlStanchions & Crowd Control

Stanchions & Crowd Control

Cash Desk SuppliesCash Desk Supplies

Cash Desk Supplies

Clothing Store Packaging Clothing Store Packaging


Mannequins & Body Forms

Use mannequins & body forms to highlight certain pieces or outfits. They are available in a range of colours and sizes for male, female and children's clothing.

Full Body MannequinsFull Body Mannequins

Full Body Mannequins

Dress Forms & BasesDress Forms & Bases

Dress Forms & Bases

Hanging FormsHanging Forms

Hanging Forms

Wall Mounted Display CasesWall Mounted Display Cases

Counter Top Forms

Hip, Leg & Foot DisplaysHip, Leg & Foot Displays

Hip, Leg & Foot Displays

Clothing Stores Fixtures & Hardware

Slatwall Panels, Fixtures & MerchandisersSlatwall Panels, Fixtures & Merchandisers

Slatwall Panels, Fixtures & Merchandisers

Wall Standards, Outriggers & HardwareWall Standards, Outriggers & Hardware

Wall Standards, Outriggers & Hardware

Shelves & Shelf BracketsShelves & Shelf Brackets

Shelves & Shelf Brackets

Grid Panes & FixturesGrid Panes & Fixtures

Grid Panes & Fixtures

Pegboard Merchandisers & FixturesPegboard Merchandisers & Fixtures

Pegboard Merchandisers & Fixtures

An important decision for retails is how to use the wall space of their store. Slatwall panels attached fixtures such as shelves & hooks are a popular solution thanks to their ease of customisation. Wall outriggers are another method that clothing stores can utilize when looking to maximize their merchandising space without going over budget. 

Fixture Systems For Clothing Stores

If you are looking for a uniform, high-end look for your store? Then take a look at our fixture systems. The most popular and versatile system is the VersaMax shelving system. We offer it as wall systems and gondola shelving. Another popular system is Kupo. It is perfect for clothing stores and gives your retail space a very clean & open feel. A commonly used & very stylish system in New York City is the classic but timeless Soho pipe system

Soho Steam Pipe SystemSoho Steam Pipe System

Soho Steam Pipe System

Ladder SystemLadder System

Ladder System

Kupo Pole SystemKupo Pole System

Kupo Pole System

Swirl LineSwirl Line

Swirl Line System

Favourite Products For Clothing Stores