Holiday Closure

All our locations (Vancouver, Toronto & Edmonton) will be closed during the Holiday Season from Monday, December 25 through Tuesday, January 2. We re-open on Wednesday, January 3.  More details

Display Solutions For Restaurants & Cafes

Chalkboards with daily specials, bags for takeout orders, stanchions for queue management on busy days, literature holders for takeout menus and hygiene products such as sneeze guards are just a few of the products you will see in nearly every restaurant or cafe. At Eddie's, we have such products in abundance and the good news is that all of them have volume-based discounts available meaning that the more you buy, the more you save!

Take-out Bags

Shop our huge selection of paper and plastic bags including 100% recycled bags. Choose off the shelf bags or contact us about custom logo printing so that when customers walk out your door with a bag full of take-out, the smell of your delicious food combined with a logo printed bag will make them a walking advertisement! All products have volume-based discounts available meaning that the more you buy, the cheaper they get.

Signs & Pamphlet Holders

We all know that restaurants & cafes use signs to attract customers by displaying special offers or highlighting some of their yummy food and drink options. For that, we stock a-framed chalk & whiteboards for indoors, outdoors and counter-tops. However, other signs often get overlooked but are just as important. For example, business operation signs that label 'Staff Only' areas or the humble 'Open/Closed' sign. Luckily, Eddie's has them all! Shop our huge selection of signage and you will be sure to find exactly what you need.

Chalkboards & WhiteboardsChalkboards & Whiteboards

Chalkboards & Whiteboards

Business Operations SignsBusiness Operations Signs

Business Operations Signs

Countertop Brochure HoldersCountertop Brochure Holders

Countertop Pamphlet Holders

Wall Mounted Pamphlet HoldersWall Mounted Pamphlet Holders

Wall Mounted Pamphlet Holders

Business Card HoldersBusiness Card Holders

Business Card Holders

Outdoor Brochure HoldersOutdoor Brochure Holders

Outdoor Brochure Holders

Sign Holders

Outdoor, indoor, wall-mounted, counter-top, clips, hangers...we have it all! If you need to display special offers, menus, QR codes or policies at your restaurant or cafe, browse our huge range of sign holders and clips where you will find a solution no matter what size of sign you have or where you want it to be displayed.

Floorstanding Sign HoldersFloorstanding Sign Holders

Floorstanding Sign Holders

Wall Mount Sign HoldersWall Mount Sign Holders

Wall Mounted Sign Holders

Countertop Sign Holders & ClipsCountertop Sign Holders & Clips

Countertop Sign Holders

Small Sign & Ticket HoldersSmall Sign & Ticket Holders

Small Sign & Ticket Holders

Sign ClipsSign Clips

Sign Clips

Hygiene Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so much and those changes are visible at every cafe and restaurant you visit. Plexiglas sneeze guards, hand sanitiser stations & floor decals are now commonplace and help both employees and customers of cafes and restaurants to stay safe from infectious disease.

Take-Out Food Container Seals | Tamper Proof | 500 Per RollTake-Out Food Container Seals | Tamper Proof | 500 Per Roll

Take-Out Food Container Seals

Cashier Sneeze GuardsCashier Sneeze Guards

Cashier Sneeze Guards

Hand Sanitizer StationsHand Sanitizer Stations

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Floor Decals & SignsFloor Decals & Signs

Floor Decals & Signs

Stanchions & Store Traffic SensorsStanchions & Store Traffic Sensors

Stanchions & Store Traffic Sensors

Face Masks & ShieldsFace Masks & Shields

Face Masks & Shields