Tips for Retailers

Tips for Encouraging Physical Distancing

With physical distancing now the ‘new norm’ it is the responsibility of retailers to keep their customers and employees safe. Despite retailers implementing new policies and trying where possible to keep shoppers at the recommended physical distance of 6 feet or 2 meters, it has quickly proven to be challenging. Large crowds, narrow isles and poor signage are all contributing factors...Read More

Rules for Sales Merchandising

Merchandising doesn’t have to be difficult, yet if you ask retailers what merchandising is many aren’t quite sure. If you have slow moving stock or have some inventory that you purchased at a great price, and you want to move it in a sale, you’ll need a good merchandising strategy to have your product flying off the shelves... Read More

Security and Loss Prevention Tips For Successful Retail Stores

Safety, security and loss prevention in your store is considered the most important elements of running a successful retail business.  Stock loss can severely hamper revenues in a business climate where retail carries more unique struggles than ever before. Here are some tips on how to keep your merchandise safe from would-be shoplifters, while simultaneously maintaining a welcoming...Read More

Setting Up A Retail Store

So you’re considering setting up a new retail store – and you’re overwhelmed with all of the setup. A simple dream of having a small store has turned into a years’ long learning journey in learning finances, inventory, stocking, customer relations, taxes, permits, loss prevention – and the list goes on. But you’ve completed your business plan, you’ve secured funding, you have a legal... Read More

Successful Holiday Merchandising for Retail

Virtually all retailers can take advantage of holiday merchandising opportunities. For retailers in Canada, Christmas and Boxing Day come to mind, as well as Valentine’s Day, Canada Day, Halloween and the ever increasing popularity of Black Friday. So if every retailer is merchandising for the holidays, how do make sure your efforts compete? Here are some tips on successful holiday merchandising... Read More

Saving Space with SlatWall

One of the biggest challenges in retail is getting more selection for your customers without cluttering your space. Slat wall or pegboard is an excellent way to increase product selection without cluttering... Read More

Setting Up A Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries continue to pop-up across Canada and the United States; this new legal & regulated industry is booming right now and will continue to grow for some time. If you are considering setting up a dispensary, but have no retail experience, this guide will help you with the basics... Read More